PDF editing application
If you wont to editing pdf file, you can using this is aplication.
We must also realize that PDF is one of the most popular document file formats and is often used by many people.
This is because PDF itself has many advantages. Just as it is easy to provide, support using several applications, as well as a high level of security.
Want to merge pdf files? use the steps to merge the pdf file. Besides that the pdf license is freed to the user. Until we are free to be able to create, read, and change the pdf file.

However, the reality is not easy to be able to change the pdf file. Generally applications can only open PDF files or can only provide additional comments.
Steps to Change PDF File1. Microsoft Office Word
This step can be applied in Microsoft Word 2013 and above.
Using Microsoft Office Word we can use it to easily change pdf files like we change or create docx documents.
Steps to change pdf files without software:
Open the pdf file that we will change using Microsoft Word. The trick is to use the right-click pdf file and then open it with Microsoft Office Word. Or you can also use open the Ms.Word application first then click on the ➜ open ➜ file to find the pdf file that we will change.
Then the pdf file will open in Word automatically. If there is a pop-up click OK.
Change the pdf file according to use.
When the file is over it is replaced. After that put the pdf file. We can save it into a word or PDF document.
Set the save file's directory.
Then click save.
Want to reduce the size of a large pdf file? use site ponselive.com for pdf compress steps as desired.2. Adobe Acrobat Pro
Not only using Microsoft Office Word. Steps to change the pdf file we can use the pdf format owner application, namely Adobe.
Remember that we use to change pdf files is Adobe Acrobat Pro, not Adobe Reader.
Steps to change pdf file using Adobe Acrobat Pro:
Open the Adobe Acrobat Pro application on our PC, then specify the pdf file that we will change. Or you can also right-click the pdf file and then specify open with adobe acrobat.
After a successful pdf file opens it's time for us to change it using the Tools menu and then select Change Text & Images.
After the file is edited, the final step is to save it. We can save it using hit or change the pdf file that we haven't changed just now or create a new pdf file.
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